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Apr 06, 2009


Paul H. Colman

Depends what you mean by 'work'.

Quality Sausage

We all know what it is, we all recognise it. Does this mean it then works?

Jacob Hinson

i think because its such a well recognised logo it does but if it was something more complicated like the 2012 olympics logo it wouldnt.. Al All

Stan Diers

I think it works in black and white for the same reasons Jacob said above. It is a symbol we all recognize and it triggers de colors in our mind right away as point of reference.

But I would say if it was the early days of this logo in this version as original then it wouldn't work the same way as the color version we know. The different colors suggest different countries intimately united. The monochrome version doesn't really suggest the idea of different elements together as one. However this is what you get when you photocopy or fax the color version anyway!!

Andy Coff

mmm At first I thought yes but then it makes me think of the Audi Logo.

Nick Asbury

I guess it’s taking its cue from national flags, which only ever appear full-colour. (At least, you don’t see many mono French tricolors.) Interesting that flags get by without black-and-white versions. Quite interesting, anyway.

Andy Coff

Another point is the coloured logo conveys a joining in a positive way whereas this one almost looks like chains and conveys a completely different message.

Dave Potter

I don't think it does at all. Yes it's still recognisable but surely a logo is about more than that? In black and white it fails to present it's message of hope and unity, and I feel it actually looks quite sinister.

Steve Leard

You hardly ever see it in black and white but surely most people must still recognise it, so I say yes it works. The Rings represent the continents, I don't think the colours not being there takes anything away from the logo, it's form is still iconic and established.


Yeah. You can still tell it's an Audi.

graham peake





what paul said.


I prefer it to the full colour version.

Blair Thomson

I don't think perception is altered by it being in mono at all. It may limit its application yes, but still delivers.

Don Kelly

Does it work as well as the color version? Nope. But as a screenprinter I have done this logo as it's included it the Special Olympics designs we have done for many years. Or for events that raise money for such Olympics. I would have to say yes it works.
As for the presentation that you put it in. ( seemingly printed on a stark brick wall) it conveys a different message than say if it were in black and white with no other imagery around it.

Ashley Dean

I'd say it still works just as well as a colour version. At the end of the day, it is still 5 rings connecting together - and you can clearly see it.
Just because we no longer have different colours to show that doesn't mean that they are all the same. Do you class a subscripted 2 different to a normal 2, because it is the same colour - No, because they are on different levels.

We can see that they are rings and that they are probably linked. Therefore unity.
Just because the colours lost doesn't mean the message is. And as we can still see this, it works. You now maybe have to look a bit harder for it, but i've seen other logos which are harder to see.


It's clearly the Goth Olympiad logo and therefore works fine.


Are you saying that before colour telly, logos didn't work?


It's so strongly associated with the colour version that it might just as well be the colour version. I'm not sure it's even possible to judge it independently as a black and white logo anymore - it's like a representation of a representation.

So yes, it works - in exactly the same way that b+w versions of iconic logos like Nike and Apple do.


Imagine that we are pre-presentation and I had designed the colour version to everyone's liking, and then we were all standing round this black and white version...
It would have to have some cuts to illustrate the linkage. So would I then have to back track, applying the same shapes to the colour version? Would that look better?
I would choose to have a slightly different marque for the black and white version; one that was still recognisably the logo, but that was optimised to work in mono.

Sanjay Basavaraju

I think it is about structure. Our mind simplifies structure and stores it. It applies what we see in everyday life too. We can differentiate between cup, glass or bowl.

I look at logos in black as silhouettes. We can identify people or things in silhouettes. We can do that because we store structures and gestures.

For this to work, the mind should have had sufficient exposure to the symbol to store the structure. At least, once.






I prefer it in Black and White. Interconnecting rings in different colours to me somehow makes a statement that we're getting along for one event but aren't all the same. Maybe that has to do with modern issues of race and the current riff between East and West. Probably an unfair comment though as I'm applying an old logo to the modern climate.

I respectfully disagree with Jacob's comment though. The 2012 logo was specifically designed to work with any colour scheme, hence Lloyds TSB using a green version.

Jacob Hinson

but i think you misunderstood my point pete - what it meant was that the 2012 logo is far too complicated to be made into a straight black and white silhouette, whereas this logo is still seen as the olympics regardless of the fact it is b&w

Jacob Hinson

I think you misjudged my comment, what i meant was that the 2012 logo would not work as a silhouette unlike the olympics logo as it is far too complicated


Why couldn't the 2012 logo work in 1 colour?


This needs drips. And something witty spraypainted below it.

And yes, this actually looks very nice in black.


There's something fascistic about it in B&W to me, although I don't think I can articulate why.


So, does your "about" silhouette wurk? Hmmm?


Does that logo work sprayed onto a wall? More to the point - WHY is it sprayed on a wall? I like it.


black and white reminds me of the rip-off's made by human rights organisations last year. so rather no. but maybe it works on something else than this wall. though, the different colours stand for the continents and therefore underline the idea... then there s audi

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