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Apr 17, 2009



I did and I'm not.

Mark / CR

Thanks Ben!


I did and I'm not either, but Colman's not on it - so that makes it ok.


Hello Marcus. Fancy bumping into you over here. It must be like Picadilly Circus - you know, stand here for long enough and eventually everyone you've ever known will pass by.


Hello David! How the devil are you?


Still not far from Southampton, Marcus. Still not far.

But well, none the less.


Marcus, all your blogs are rubbish.

David, your blog is about design so that (sort of) rules you out.

And don't get me started on Colman.


You should also do The Top 10 Blogs Important to Designers (But Which Are Really About Tankards). That would make Colman happy. Wouldn't it, Marcus?


*blush*. proud to be included. thanks ben !


nearly what funkypancake said.


Just noticed the "One of very few students blogging through their course, and female students are even rarer" bit.

Ello. I'm also a female student blogging through my course. We're rare, apparently, how exciting. Although because I blog about illustration and not design, does that mean I don't count? Hmmm.

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