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May 22, 2009



six quid for a stout. That's how your mind works.

John Dodds

You need to be taken up the OXO tower to get a different perspective on all this.


I told Marcus we'd been invited there because of the typography. I knew it. That and the layout of the menus.

I took my wife up the OXO Tower last night. She wasn't too keen on the idea but she really enjoyed it in the end.

Ragnar Freyr

Are those em dashes? :P
And kern that 1...

It's nice! :)


six quid!


Why is half of it italicised and half not 'though Ben ? That's just wrong.


Tom - that's called a hierarchy.


HITLER had a NAME, Ben.

Another Marcus

Is this italicised Garamond?


Agree about the 1s, poor 1s, so lonely, torn apart from their twins...

If it's about hierarchy, the phone number should not be in italics, no? Relates more to the website than the opening time.

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