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May 25, 2009



And they're no good at tending to their window box either, are they? They should get in touch with Richard.


looks like a rip off of grafik magazine http://www.grafikmagazine.co.uk/

Steve Price

Agreed, that is Pony.

Naina Redhu

Maybe it was the client who was trying to be clever - and not the designer?

Paulol Pereira

I can't disagree with you - those signs look like shit!


Was it a prank perhaps? Maybe they forgot what clarity means?

Neil Martin

You could surely argue that people aren't going to notice one sign on such a bland building but they may notice 12. I'm not saying the signs themselves are particularly good at advertising the company, but if you look at them from a purely aesthetic point of view, they do actually do a good job of livening up what would otherwise be a bland, grey street.

I can't defend Design Clarity, though.

Mathew Wilson

Agreed. Bad design.

But I wonder what their brief and strategy was?

"Shit, all this space is un-let. Do something now. Plaster ever window with signs no one can miss. Now. Do it now".

And it was done that day and the space was let that month and one more month of un-let-ness was saved (which on a property that size would be a serious chunk).


"Humm. We need to let the space. Someone write a brief. Put it out to tender. Lets see some pitches. Get a short list. Pick an agency. See some routes. Pick a route. Have it produced. Maybe we'll be in Creative Review. Maybe we'll win a D&AD."

This route takes the client one further month of un-let-ness and costs more to produce.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not saying design isn't worth investment. Far far far from it.

My point is that this looks bad because the people that got it done could not see a viable alternative option that would stop them haemorrhaging money.

If we want to answer briefs like these then we need to promote design as a business tool that will get return. Our industry needs to be part of that first train of though. "Shit - we need to perform better - call the Really Interesting Group now - after all we're called The Interiors Group..."

As for the design charity... again bad... but again I wonder how it came to that. Some designer somewhere managed to convince them they were good. Imagine if only good designers had that skill...


Matthew, they're not To Let signs. Look at the picture again.

They simply advertise the name of the company who is refurbishing the building.

Mathew Wilson

Woooahhh. OK. That's just bad - no excuse.

Sorry for the miss directed rant!


I walk past that building every day and honestly didn't notice the signs until I deliberately looked for them on the way home after reading the entry. Coming off of Oxford Street you're completely inundated with advertising so this just seems to blend into the background noise. Lovely....


well check this out (6 logo's for £25) eak!



I know the guys from Design Clarity.

They're an interior design company, originally they started in Sydney, so that's the source of the logo. I wasn't too keen on it either when I first saw it. Their business cards are square shaped as well, personally, I'm not too keen on a square business card, but it translated (kind of) well on their site.


Man, it really is funnier than most of the stuff I've seen on YouTube.

Bad design is just gonna happen. Gotta just laugh.

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