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May 25, 2009



Alan is a classmate of mine from falmouth uni - we finish later this week and graduate in a month.. So he'll be looking for work! (hint hint)

The whole class can be seen here http://fromfalmouth.co.uk

Matt Noble

brilliant posters, i would bet 10 times better than what will actually be used for the Olympics

Rebecca Caroe

i quietly hope that some opensource competitions will be run by LOCOG for the Olympics. I have a couple of mates there and will send them this link.

Rebecca Caroe

Neil Martin

These are really nice and Mike, your class has produced a really nice collection of work. I almost wish I'd have gone to Falmouth now!

one way photo / Mark

I agree, fantastic posters... the tennis one is genius


Now just think how much better they will look with the official 2012 logo...

Uri Baruchin

I like these a lot. I wish this was the sensibility of the entire identity.


Absolutely beautiful!

Neil Bennett

Amazing work, isn't it! We just ran an interview with Alan, where he talks about how good things were at Falmouth and the trials of getting your first design job in the current recession.



I love the posters, but when I see that he's titled his little book "I WAS DRAWN TO THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF IT'S DESIGN" I want to scream and stab things. That's the Publisher's Disease.

Alan Clarke

Dear James, I have noticed the problem and changed it! Sorry my mistake, I don't know why I did not notice that sooner?



you do know it's 'graphic design at _its_ best' right?



it's a ... wow!! :)

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