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May 07, 2009


Kev Mears

Enjoyed this post very much. I love the faux busy label. Seen plenty of those.

And thanks for reminding me to leave work in work.


Another insightful post. Cheers Ben.

Duncan Ogle-Skan

I can confirm the Paddy Ashdown bit. Swindon station, 3 weeks ago, scribbling his little heart out.


Very interesting post, twas nice to delve into over this mornings brew. Cheers!

Jens Nikolaus

Great, I do it right then. ;) No, but I agree with you at every principal there. Some are obvious to me and should be to others, no matter what idea of success they have.


I’ve also noticed that successful people never use explanation marks.


I've just concluded that I'm totally ineffective (see, I've even transgressed on habit number one by being late to this post).

Thanks a bunch.


Very nice Ben.


Very wise. I've been guilty of all of the crimes mentioned, but I think I'm getting better!


Brilliant article Ben, refreshing to see common sense written in an intellegent way.


Great post! Do you have a link to that article in the Economist? I searched but couldn't turn anything up. Cheers!


Brian - I don't I'm afraid. And I've looked and looked and looked!

I never really believe The Economist when they say they put all their content online.


Things I know I should do, but dont...

Getting out of bed an hour earlier is something I should definitely do, once I crack that, the world's mine. Great post as usual.

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