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May 28, 2009



'The maximum number of viewers for this channel has been reached.'
I imagine they must be under quite a bit of pressure already with all those eyes on them.

Paul H. Colman

We're upgrading to a pro account so more people can watch, be ready just after 2pm.

No work done yet.


Haha, I love that. It is true though, I know I definitely work better under pressure. I've got friends who knock out 3000 word essays a few hours before deadlines.... some get really high grades (admittedly most don't...ahaha). Good luck guys!


Amazing idea... People dont tend to value working at the last min and under pressure... I do all essays and coursework at last min, and I'm currently revising for an exam at last minute! It works.. at least it has so far! Good luck!

Andrew Abouna

everybody can relate to procrastinating.


APG awards are more like winning Kinsale or Creative Circle. It's the IPA awards like are equivalent to D&AD.

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