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Jun 29, 2009


Mike Reed

I'm annoyed to announce that, having snapped up a ticket, I now can't make it. So I have a ticket going if anyone wants to pretend to be me. I don't have any jokes, I'm afraid.


Any chance this will be recorded, podcast perhaps?

No jokes tho, I'm not that funny :)


Will you be wearing a sparkling suit like all the best stand-ups?


And steer clear of any references to the oxo tower.

Steve Price

This is quite funny, but I have a ticket:


Steve Price

Q: How many graphic designers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Does it have to be a light bulb?


John, normally occasions like these call for the gold corduroy, but it will be too hot I'm afraid.


Already have tickets, looking forward hear you do your thing. No jokes right now apart from the above from Steve, a classic and favourite. I would change the A to; Why a lightbulb? Bit more punchy. Works well with the 8x8 identity. I will survey my guys here and email if any good ones come up.

r4 kartes 


Nice article....Its really wonderful design , looking forward to hear some more information.....


Wishjuh - we are filming 8x8 London and will post the highlights on ilovedesign.com as soon as we can after the event. You'll need to have a free www.ilovedesign.com account to view the videos. We'll update you through notifications on the site.

Very excited about 8x8. It's going to be HOT!

The ilovedesign.com Team

Joe Moran

Two designers walk into a bar, the third one raises it.

Good luck with that one.



Thx, will look out for the notification :)
Good luck!

Rachel Lewis

I'm going - looking forward to it! It'll be after another long day at New Blood so I'll be expecting lots of brilliant jokes ;)

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