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Jun 24, 2009


Dave Potter

Very nice. Now let me guess, a Ferrari, a Brawn and a McLaren?


These are lovely, the whole lot.


Spot on Dave. Amazing, isn't it, how easy it is to identity them? A triumph of branding, surely.

Although you know the context (a Grand Prix) so you're half way there.


These ones are great! Good work. I could see these making a great series.

Steve Price

They are really beautiful.


But they are the obvious teams, and easy kill you might say, I mean, the Brawn is the ugliest car on the track, it's a good car, but is had fluro wheel ducts, so it's blatant which one it is, a predominantly red image, - Ferrari and silver... need I go on.

I like the idea, and see what you're getting at, but think you need to work on your technique, Saville's shredded images are done in a very different and creative way to those.


Very true Tom.

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