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Jun 04, 2009


Matt Cooper

We had a similar discussion on www.dynamolondon.org about a year ago: http://www.dynamolondon.org/topics/41

Except we were focussing on musicians, the collective group came up with the following line up:

The Futura Heads

Anthony And The New Johnstons

Sly And The Family Stone Sans

Gill Sans Heron

Slim 'ITC' Galliard

Caslonnie Donegan

Cooper Black Sabbath

Futura Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club

Letrazeppelin (lead singer Robert Plantin)

Garamond Glitter

Eurostyle Council

Frank Zapf (and his daughter Moon Unit Zappa)

18pt Wheeler

Nick Kernshaw

Johnny Gill Sans

Andy Bell MT

Sister Bliss Bold

Alice Cooper Black

Joss Stone Sans

Queen of the Stone Sans Age

Bliss de Burgh

Does Sly & the Family Stone




The Helvetica Light Orchestra

Andy Bell MT Bold

Georgia Satellites

Lucida Williams Blackletter

Cooper Temple Clause

Helvetica NEU!

Two Banco s of Four

Gnarls Berkley Oldstyle

MC Haarlemer


Thelonious Monkton


Schachtelhalm 69

Motter head

The Humanist League

Archie Bell Gothic & The Drells

Transit-ion Vamp

hows about that then? I'm sure there's a student out there who'll turn these into posters...


i LOVE that image.

Delta Brilliant

I posted this on my Facebook, garnering the amusing comment:

"But I did not shoot the Bodoni."


Just brilliant. Sent to all my GD friends. Cheers!

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