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Jun 21, 2009



Certainly an interesting idea to try it with F1 cars. I wish you had your Nikon though because I think it would be more interesting with some close up pictures of the cars. They photograph so beautifully


I love this idea; its come out really well. The colours look so good simplified like this. Shame you didn't bring your other camera but this seems to have worked just as well. Good race though wasn't it? I went to the friday practice sessions, took a few photos; bit of an art form timing it just right as they fly by! http://rachellewisillustration.blogspot.com/2009/06/british-grand-prix-2009-friday-practice.html

one way photo / Mark

They look like Bridget Riley ;-)


This looks very cool. Just out of interest, how do you do this in photoshop? If you stretch one pixel it'll by definition be only the one colour, right? Or am I being silly?

Duncan Doughnuts

You're being silly. You need to take a 1-pixel-high selection from across the width of the photo, and stretch that vertically.

Et voilá.

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