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Jun 25, 2009



I would definitely hide any sketches or concepts you don't want them to see. You don't want them seeing your second attempt at a logo that looks like monkeys balls and their response is: "Wow I love that logo lets use that for our next campaign! but change it to green and make it really big." So I think hiding any hideous sketch/concepts that you fear they may like is probably the best thing to throw in the bottom drawer.


you have PORN in your office?


When I was 23 I went to a Nike meeting wearing adidas trainers. My boss put the fear in me and I spent the whole time leaping between objects like a ninja to make sure the client never saw my feet.

Nick Asbury

I wrote a book once about (strange) design company Smith & Milton. They had a good story about the company dog coming into the meeting room mid-meeting, squatting in a corner and doing a big poo. Bear in mind, this dog was an Airedale Terrier. They managed to shepherd the client out without them realising what was going on. In a strange twist, the client was actually a manufacturer of dog food.

John Dodds

My cousin.


The MD.

Paul H. Colman


You old show off.


A pink fluffy thong and 'bra'

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