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Jul 02, 2009



Great 'show' - of talent both old'er and new'er and well done Ben. The free beer was a shock! I particularly liked John Bateson, his inspiration in the everyday. Please pester the guys to get it all up online so I can re-watch and send others. Just a thought- did your t-shirt purposely match the 8x8 logo colours, in reverse?


I'm so gutted - I got stuck on the circle line in that ridiculous heat and completely missed it. So annoyed, as I knew it had sold out and I was so looking forward to it after a long day at new blood :( It sounds like it was a great night. Hopefully it does get put up online because I really wanted to hear what everyone had to say.

Sigh. Not happy.


and those jokes.. do we have to wait for the videos to hear them, or will you divulge here?

Val Kildea

I'm looking forward to the videos; the talks were genuinely inspiring. It was refreshing to hear designers talking about influences outside design and not their own work. John Bateson and Richard Hooker both stood out for me as having real passion and curiosity for life in general and for design as an extension of that. I wanted to applaud Jamie from Airside from about the three minute mark for explaining a complex piece of design so beautifully. Great stuff from genuine people, a real treat.

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