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Jul 15, 2009


Neil Martin

This sounds like a fantastic project and one which sounds like it could be successful. I've always wanted to produce something similar to TOFHWOTI (although probably not to that extent) but perhaps on a smaller scale than 1,000.

Interesting stuff.

Neil Martin

By the way, I'm curious how you will get around a slew of copyright claims. If the Newspaper Club is "a tool to help people make their own newspapers using online content", does that content include things they've found and aren't necessarily owned by them?

Guy Hulse

This looks really interesting. Look forward to seeing more.


You want to watch those apostrophes terrett.


my copy of 8 arrived in the post this morning. and a great thing it is.

it looks lovely. and i've only read the first essay, by tim wright/that @kidmapper fellow. my, he's clever.


When Newspaper Club launches, perhaps it could have ads that you can drop into your own newspaper. Advertisers could then appear in your custom publication, like Adwords on your website, and after scanning the meta heads for the uploaded newspaper, the software would decide whether it's relevant, or not. The user could get a discounted print fee.


I love this idea, it sounds really interesting. Definitely something I would want to get involved in! I'll be watching what goes on...


Well done. Very happy for you.

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