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Jul 02, 2009



It's because if they did show the score it'd be set in Optima (you know that), so they're actually doing you a favour.

Nick Asbury

More to the point, when they do show the score, is it just me or is it absolutely f-cking tiny? Spent half the tournament crouched in front of the telly trying to decipher a 40 from a 30. Lord alone knows what the nice tennis-watching pensioners make of it. Think I'll write to the Daily Mail about this.

Neil Martin

It's just a thought, but perhaps they only show it with that specific camera angle to reinforce the fact that the game is currently in play (i.e. actual shots being hit, right there, right now), whereas with the other shots, the game is not in play.


Yeah, I thought that Neil, even though that still makes no sense.

But, no, when they have another angle and the game is in play, there's still no score.


is that taken during that match? : http://ffffound.com/image/c3a1556b2541e4f3ed48a94e222b2b38ada903c9


Showing the score is a great idea. However, just one thing -
there are those of us who have yet to move out of the TV dark-ages, and are still using small, fat TVs which, like seal-clubbing, should've been thrown out during the 1900's. Our telly is going green in one corner, and fails to show any text which is templated for wide-screen, or low & behold TVs of more than 37cms in diameter.
Writing this has now proved to me that we need a new telly. thanks ben.


You're welcome.

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