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Jul 06, 2009



it's a little too obvious, don't you think?


Except it's deeply unscientific, in that a watt is a unit of energy over time, so "watts per hour" is meaningless. They mean 1960 joules per second ( 7056000 J/hr) - or just 1960 W.

According to Wikipedia, "a typical household incandescent light bulb uses electrical energy at a rate of 25 to 100 watts; compact fluorescent lights typically consume 5 to 30 watts, and LED lamps typically use between 1 and 5 watts." So if they've got their sums rights, that's one hell of a brightly-lit room.


Dominic Cronin

I agree with James, but I'd also like to add something that might be relevant to typography wonks. The unit in question is a Watt. Within the Systeme Internationale, units of measure which are derived from the name of a person retain their capital letter.

And surely: "Be Green! Please switch them off when you leave." (OK - I'm on shaky ground capitalising Green, but you can't run those two sentences together with anything less potent than a semi-colon.)


If the lights are off, how can I appreciate the sign? Great points James and Dominic, can I add; soft return after 'this', capitalise and abbreviate 'watts per hour', second sentence… Forget it, I'll do it myself!

Greg K Nicholson

Dominic is wrong about the capitalisation of “watt”.

Units derived from a person's name have uppercase *symbols*, but the units' *names* are indeed lowercase: it's 1,960 W, but 1,960 watts.

(One semi-exception: “degrees Celsius” (°C) is capitalised thus.)


I still want to see this room that is brighter than the surface of the sun itself.

Dominic Cronin

Greg: thanks - I stand corrected. According to wikipedia, litre is also an exception in that the abbreviation is capitalised.

Account Deleted

Its simple but this must do, it really cut their electricity bills if they follow that reminder. Or else try to replaced the traditional light bulb it helps a lot..

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