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Aug 06, 2009


Quality Sausage



Hmm. Can't touch this, by the Right Reverend MC Hammer, and Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys … and … hmm … no idea.


The last one is 'In da Club' by 50 Cent.


haha great idea!


You picked some great lyrics there.


This is better than Terrett's shit.

Paulol Pereira

very good idea. I do something similar when i gave a book as a gift. I take parts of the book or quotes and making into wrapping paper.


Matt Dent

Points have gone to Daniel and Adam for correctly naming the Songs and Artists, but Typeface and Typeface Designer are still up for grabs.


Capitalisation not needed there Matt - it makes the sentence look ugly. What do they teach you at schools these days ?

PS - it's still better that Terrett - he can't spell either.


Matt - Watch out for Tom. He loves punctuation so much he even has a hyphen in his surname.


You don't need that capital there, Ben.

I'm enjoying this Matt - thankyou. I thought at first like 'Oh no - he's not doing THAT again' and not with ANOTHER designer just like him, and some other stuff I'm not mentioning - but I really like it.

What's next then ?

Neil Martin

1) Frankfurter
3) Lubalin

No idea about number 2.

Jamie Tunbridge

1. Frankfurter - Nick Belshaw, Alan Meeks
2. Foundry Gridnik - Wim Crouwel
3. Lubalin - Herb Lubalin

I love rapping paper and have been fortunate enough to experience it first hand!

Quality Sausage

Tom, 'thankyou' is two words - thank you.

Matt Dent

Neil and Jamie collect the last points. Well done.


I think Quality should get a point too.

Matt Dent

Bonus point given to Quality Sausage because of popular demand.

Moeed Mohammad

This is so much nicer (and meaningful) than just buying 'rapping' paper from the store.

Good stuff as always, Ben.

Moeed Mohammad

^ Oops! Just read a few posts back. Credit to you Matt!


Hey guys,

i'm looking for that gridnik font for few days. Does anybody kwow where i can find it for free?


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