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Aug 13, 2009



No pupil. Please.


I like the pupil, though I may be responding to the fact that it doesn't look like it's made of weirdly shiny plastic. Of course, I'm an American and haven't eaten Corn Flakes in years, so this is more of a taste thing than a "They changed it now it sucks" thing.


in Australia we have no pupil either... http://www.kelloggs.com.au/Home/Products/Cereal/CornFlakes/tabid/325/Default.aspx


you're right, this is serious. and it's a no from me.

Paulol Pereira

No pupil Cornelius Cockerel I feel is the correct look.

I have noticed in certain countries they only add the pupil when they draw Cornelius Cockerel as a cartoon. Corn Flakes in certain countries are a targeted to different groups of people - cereal in some countries is considered a child's breakfast, not for adults.

The cartoon version of Cornelius Cockerel is trying to appeal to kids and the more iconic look of Cornelius Cockerel obviously appealing to adults. And sometimes these unique versions of Cornelius Cockerel cross over into each other targeted audience - hence the pupil in the French version of Cornelius Cockerel.

Or maybe French people think that Cornelius Cockerel looks like a dead soulless rooster?


After seeing the pupil version, non-pupil Cornelius now looks like a zombie chicken to me.


I'm with Phillip. It's a little spooky...Brain Flakes.


A vote for pupil here. The non-pupil version looks, ..well, looks like it's missing it's eye.


The UK version has a massive overbite. And why oh why would anyone give poor Cornelius that much bevel in either case. Though if I were to pick, I'd go French 100%.
OH! I just got it, Cornelius is dead in the UK version and that's why you can't see the pupil, just look in the bottom right, a pipe bomb filled with corn flakes went off moments before this picture was taken. Another casualty of a cereal bomber :(

Matt Dent

Good spot Jesse, these are dangerous times for a chicken.

George Gravsum

What the hell are you talking? It's a bloody chicken logo. If it does change it is not going to be the end of the world. Just eat your Cornflakes and shut up! God's sake!

George Gravsum

Also, why is the chicken green? Chickens arn't green you daft buggers!

George Gravsum

Are you still debating wether Cornilius Cockeral should have an eye or not?


Always George.

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