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Aug 17, 2009



What counts as a reproduction? If one reproduces an image by loading a webpage, I'd challenge the Queen with the Google logo. I believe Google queries come on the order of a few billion per month; even when you remove holiday logo days, that's a LOT of reproductions.

I can't think of anything physical to beat the Queen's portrait, though.


You're coin bloody mad!

Ross I don't want to piss on your chips matey but I think I'm going to.

The google logo doesn't get reproduced when the page loads up it's a single file that sits on a server and is requested by the browser.

Although it appears billions of times each month on peoples monitors while they search for the elusive Britney spears sex tape and if you're Matt, coins of the world dating from 1872-1878, it's technically not a reproduction...

Dave Potter

If we're counting images which change, such as the google logo, or indeed the queen's image, then surely Christ would be the most reproduced image, he's been going over 2000 years...

John Dodds

Dollar bill or some chinese currency will have been more reproduced than that perhaps?

Nick Asbury

Maybe it's the bloke in this advert:


Matt Dent

That's brilliant Nick!

Ross, I guess it all comes down to what's considered an 'image' and what's a 'reproduction'. Either way I like the Google thinking.


It depends what you mean by 'image' I should think that the sign of the cross,(since you are not confining this discussion merely to 2D representations)could challenge your claim?

Tom Hostler

I'm inclined to agree with you. Add to that the famous Machin portrait used on British and commonwealth stamps for 42 years, and you're looking at billions and billions of reproductions surely?

Max Gadney

I reckon it is the Christian Cross, or a stick figure man

Nikon Driver

I'm pretty sure I read a few years back that the Mona Lisa was the most reproduced image in the world.


Boobs? Like Christ, represented a variety of ways, and likely popular a lot farther back than 2000 (alleged) years.

Nick Pepper

I think it's Arnold Machin's portrait of the Queen - http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/visual_arts/article4670207.ece


"I think that the coins might be more heavily reproduced than the others as her portrait turns up on the face of all Commonwealth coins, whereas this isn't the case with stamps and banknotes."

Lawrence Halter

Well, Google seems to be a great contender on this category, but the same could be said for the Apple logo. Anyway, I think the most reproduced photo, when it comes to publications, is still the Apollo 17 photo.

Suzanne Becker

If where talking about an actual photo of painting/drawing then without a doubt it's CHE. The iconic image "Guerrillero Heroico" of the revolutionary Che is the most copied reproduced photo/image in history. Over the past decades during hard times in countries worldwide the image has become a sign of revolution, and in pop culture the image became immensely popular. It has no copyright and is not technically owned by anyone. That image is none in all walks of life.

Ben Brooks

I thought it was the Machin portrait that was more reproduced as it still features on British stamps to this day?

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