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Sep 21, 2009



You are ghetto fabulous.


This is rather tasty, however I'm fairly sure my non-designer friends would gang up and bog-wash me if I explained what it meant to them.

Mircea Dragoi

Hi, Ben! I'm following your blog and eagerly waiting for every new post. Congrats! About the Veer offer, please note you have a pretty cosmopolitan pool of readers, many of them not being residents of the UK. That Veer offer is addressing ONLY UK residents, pretty frustrating for outsiders (but in fact they have strong reasons of course). This reminds me of Jason Kottke speaking about the nice movie he enjoyed on Hulu - which again, is a US market only business or the US only DVD on sale on Amazon. Cheers, Mircea


Am I the only designer to intensely despise this? Although not more than... http://www.flickr.com/photos/eduardouzae/3933687551/in/pool-type

Adam Wilson

Thats odd, I was told mine wouldn't arrive until the end of October, and I boought it the scond day of the offer! :(. Do you have someone on the insie or something?


Blip - That tattoo is awful. But the top is good!


Ben – what size did you get [medium or large]?

George Morgan

I saw a man wearing this zip up yesterday near Brick Lane... then I realised it was actually you (you looked quite busy and were on the phone, so I thought better of accosting you). An unexpected but pleasant surprise.


I know it's a cliché, but I love it! I wear it all the time :D


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