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Sep 01, 2009


Neil Martin

Interesting theory about SPQR. However, as you mention, it's also used on manholes but it's set in a different typeface and I would think that would mean that it's not the word mark that's important but the letters themselves. Doesn't that mean that SPQR is not the oldest logo, but possibly one of the oldest brands?


Oh God.


Neil, good point. I think they still use the serif version, I just couldn't find a picture of it!


Tom, good point.


Funny, I had you down as an infinity pool sort of guy.

Oh, welcome back by the way.

David Airey

A tip for Mumbai:

When you arrive at the airport, opt for one of the air conditioned taxis — not because of the heat, but because it takes around two hours to reach the business district, and many of the traditional taxis have windows that are jammed open, leaving you at the mercy of the street teenagers who like to "wet slap" you on the journey.

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