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Sep 23, 2009



As I previously commented on Germain Greer's Guardian article about Bayley's latest effort (http://bit.ly/2IRxRP), publishing a book under the flimsy intellectual premise 'woman as design' and filling it with lots of pictures of naked woman seems a bit feeble at best, and at worst is quite offensive.

What does it offer us? We already know what 'perfectly formed' naked women look like - they are everywhere in media and advertising. And yes, if you are sexually attracted to women, they look great, if largely atypical. But having a libidinous Bayley tell us that is not especially revealing, in the way that his writing about product design might be, as you've indicated here.


Yay! To Christmas mess. Boo! To modernist dogma.


Ooh, I can feel that 'sort of sinusoidal wave' washing over me even as I type.

Adam Wilson

I don't even know who this guy is, but I hate him already. On a addition to what you said I sit next to someone who says "personally I think that" about everything just justify their bad ideas. Where's my pistol?


Cheers to calling out the "must be trendy" mindset of designers. I HATE when Christmas is all fucked up by stupid non-Christmas colors and stupid non-Christmas designs. I get looks at work too, comments even. But thankfully for me, I've got better rhetorical skills than most of my co-workers. Sucks to be them when we disagree.

Oh, and it's not just Christmas, it's all the time. Why do I have to follow a trend, can't I just make something look good and have an effective message?


Black Christmas trees? More apocalyptic than Christmassy methinks. You seem to do rather well on the present front, btw...

Chris Williams

Agree with Christmas whole heartedly! There is nothing more anti christmas than a reductive colour scheme...

Emily Wilkinson

There's this book called Lines by Tim Ingold, in which he argues that Modernism forced the line to become straight rather than organic, and now it's breaking free of that again. I totally agree that we all need to get over modernism, post-modernism and get with it. That's what winds me up a little about the Design Museum. They have some amazing stuff but it's all a little modernist heavy...

As for the fucking ridiculous "women as design" book, don't even get me started. I think I need to write my own rant about that one. Coming soon.

Emily x


I like the way you complain about people that say 'i do think..' and then at the end say 'i do hope..' haha


nix - err, that was a joke.


mm yeah right, an extremly subtle one no doubt


I didn't think it was very subtle, no.

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