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Sep 14, 2009



It amazes how many designers and artists have such unusable, badly designed and constructed sites.


Yes, I agree.

Furniture Stores

Sounds interesting. Wish the States had a half way decent show idea like this. Sigh...


holy crap these opening credits are shocking...


6 minutes in - first mention of lemon squeezer.


I think the blonde girl will win.

Says it all, really.

Neil Martin

Is it just me, or is every girl on this show very attractive indeed?

Neil Martin

Having just fully watched the first episode of this, I want to raise some points.

Starck - Seems like he knows his stuff very well indeed, but it felt like he kept interupting his students - sometimes unecessarily.

His cheerful nature - At first it was quite nice to see that he wasn't serious and stone-walled, but after a while it did seem like the students were taking it more seriously than he was.

And finally, hypocrisy - On berating the guy who bought the bike to symbolise ecology and telling him that he had "partnered with slaves", you then see Starck a few minutes later riding around on it. That to me is an utter contradiction.

Nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see how this show pans out.

Website Design Kent

Most of these guys think that going to university actually entitles them to something. Anybody can get an education but inspiration, creativity or desire is something else. Starck showed what a forward thinker he is and how he embraces design. Design is important but realistically, there is a limit to how many times you can re-design a tea cup! Design often encompasses art - is this necessary?


I can't stick Philippe Starck. Anyone that owns one of his watches (and can't find the instruction manual) will attest to the poor design. And the lemon squeezer that puts the juice in a pool around the squeezer. Form over function anyone?

It's like the apprentice, but for designers. I'll pass, thanks.


It professes to promote innovation and fresh thinking, but follows the format of The Apprentice. A missed opportunity


I liked Robert's park bench idea and enjoyed Starck's ridiculousness.

Steve Leard

I enjoyed the programme, I thought Starck was entertaining and inspiring. It's probably premature to judge to hopefuls, but on yesterdays viewing they need to wake up. Half of them seemed asleep, stubborn and closed to the project brief. I hope they can really throw themselves into the tasks that follow, what an amazing opportunity! When's the graphic design version?


Having just caught up on iPlayer, I liked it. But knowing that I enjoy good design and The Apprentice I could have probably predicted that. The Apprentice background music played in an accordian-esque way might be a step too far, but made me smile nonetheless.


Did anyone get any volume ? I couldn't get the volume to work. Were there any voices on it ?


I thought the actual programme was ok and with a lack of decent stuff on TV about design a refreshing change.

I did think that some of the students were trying to second guess Phillippe's left field take on design especially Nebil. Every good reality TV show needs a maverick/bad guy/extrovert and he looks like being it.

I'm sure its going to be an interesting talking point on Tuesday mornings in the studio. To add a little spice we've run a sweepstake on the winner! http://www.zonedesignweb.co.uk/blog/?p=381

I'll be watching how the discussion goes here as well.


Speak up a bit, will you.


I get the feeling this programme could backfire in several ways, having winced through three episodes :
1 Mr Stark seems to have a problem communicating to the entourage - ironic when he is to encourage good presentation skills
2 Mr Stark seems a distant busy man - he semms to have underestimated the time that will be required !
3 I get the feeling the designers dont know the difference between a tutorial and professional expectations
4 If all the designers get sacked, then the ethos of the programme reflects badly that britain has no design talent in this field - or from the cross section of talent that he interviewed
5 The group is too clique - as strangers in a foreign country theyre not at ease and seem to think theyre in big brother, not competing for a top design experience
6 Mr Stark seems to be looking for the polished article, and the contenders are looking very 'straight out of college'
7 Mr Starks buffoness and playing in front of the cameras is putting the designers too much at ease, and I think he will regret this by not setting a more serious tone
8 Mr Stark will only tarnish his and their image if he does pull out of the show
Ill carry on watching more to see if it does develop back on the right path, and hope to see the great ideas that the show initially promised to produce. I suppose this is entertaining, but id rather see young uk design talent showing off their potential than being made a laughing stock. The polished professional format of the Apprentice is hardly a comparison - if only the format of the show was more original - id never thought of making that criticism against the legend of monsieur Stark - e !


I do think Ilsa's comment last night of the brief somehow being 'lost in translation' was correct. Obviously the show is edited and we're not getting the full story, but such an open brief and using phrases such as 'avant project' don't exactly make it any easier.

I think Starck's expectations are too high for the students to come up with a sustainable, ecological NEW product in a week. But on the other hand I think the students are trying too hard to justify what they are doing and consequently not focussing on a final product.

The phrase 'keep it simple, stupid' rings true here. I think they will be lucky to get ONE good idea that comes close to being a marketable product.

Still loving the show though and good to see any sort of design process opened up on TV.


There's a difference between the creative act and managing the process within which it sits. I think that Starck is a great creative and produces fantastic work - and although his studio - and this programme undoubtedly has a process that includes the brief, the presentation, the feedback, the learning, the improvement etc - I don't think that HE is the best person to be in charge of all that.

The creative person is not the best person to manage the process as well. I thin that is what makes the students frustrated - like that girl with beautiful eyes who got really frustrated that she didn't understand any of his feedback - that it wasn't positive enough etc. It's important to give good feedback if you want to design good products, or if you want to run a good business.


Well said Tom ! Now id get on with some work if I were you, your design guru is watching !!


I assure you there is no-one talking about modernism and sinusoidal waves in this office.


The e-myth,
Stark is a designer not a coach.

In one episode he blames all the students.

and "Not his ability to communicate his thoughts." -

Firstly I am not suggesting it may be him but I am suggesting his inability to see multiple perspectives when coaching. With his style most businesses just turn over staff till someone understands them via luck.

Second, his generalisation of conversation when placing the orders, he wants unique new products not just revamped products, look at his designs, a mouse, juicer, boat,watch. > he is being a tool for TV.

His is not a coach, so keep churning students.

"Communication is the response you get, there is no way to blame others" bandler

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