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Sep 30, 2009



The first person to say "you've said 'As previously discussed I can't stand Stephen Bayley.' twice" wins a prize.


"you've said 'As previously discussed I can't stand Stephen Bayley.' twice"


Actually, the best description of Stephen Bayley that I've heard is when he was introduced on BBC Radio 4 as 'the second cleverest man in Britain'.


Congratulations David! You win a one year subscription to Life In The Middle.


I thought he'd mutated into Jamie the Pigeon?


Coleman, that is - not Stephen Bayley, obviously. Though that would funnier.


I am preparing to send the author a non airbrushed image of my unsupported breasts this evening. Ordinarily I wouldn't share such a fact on a blog but I am enraged and join in with the dislike of this fiend.
PS Well done David.


You could always send that picture to me, Caroline - if you think it would make us smile http://www.davidthedesigner.com/davidthedesigner/2009/09/ok-so-lets-see-if-you-can-make-us-smile.html

Hurry, though - it has to be here by midnight.

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