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Sep 03, 2009



Okay, that's pretty fucking cool.


Did Colman ok this?


i love this style of graphic design
smart and simple and straight to the point
amazing job

Mike Reed

Ben, I saw the TV ad last night and thought, 'Ooh, that's nice. Bastards.'

Now I discover you are one of those bastards.

It's glorious, bastards.

Blair Thomson

Saw this on tv the other night Ben - though to myself 'that's fekkin clever shit'. Nice job man. Most effective.


really nice - well done

Guy Hulse

I noticed these. Really simple and effective.


Excellent design, but what's the significance of the First World War tank?

Matt Noble

ha how strange that you did that, i was sat with my friends at Leeds Festival last weekend and one of them was reading the Guardian and i caught a glimpse of that advert from across the gazebo and said wow thats clever, the person reading the paper then looked up at me as to say what do u mean, to then look back down and go "oh i see it, see thats what makes u a graphic designer is your attention to detail in things" (non of my friends are arty in the slightest)

Congrats on a fine piece


Good work mate, I saw the tv ad last night too. You're a clever bastard sometimes, I'll give you that.


Nice one Ben, we're liking this at the studio.


Really good, but I too wonder why there's a first world war tank on something about the second world war


This feels like a classic! Would love an insight as to how you arrived at the solution with Rob Burleigh. Beautifully simple rarely comes about immediately...


Looked very nice on the back page.

Nice one.


seriously guys, the tank. otherwise clever work.

Gary Thornton

i saw the animated version of this on the tv advert, very nice.

Charlie Bell

It's always the simplest of ideas that work best. Very nice.

Neil Martin

Works perfectly.


Yeah that's great, I like it a lot. Clever simplicity always wins me over :)


Excellent, we're loving this at Open. Will look out for it in print, might make it onto our walls!


Ahhh it was you!

I e-spammed our agency with it tagged 'genius'. But that sounds a little over-gratifying whilst commenting on your actual blog. So a simple 'well done' is in order.

Are you off to the RSA Connected Minds Lecture tonight? http://is.gd/31E71


is that really a WW1 tank?? haha that's brilliant. WHOOOOOPPPSSS!!!

Peter Stadden

The swastika just jumped right out at me! In a good way...

Andy Coff

Fantastic piece of work. Well done.

I don't see a WW1 Tank anywhere apart from in the small thumbnail? Am I missing another layer in this piece? I can see four arrows that form a swastica? Is there a Tank in there as well? I've been squinting my eyes and looking at it from all angles...where's the tank!

Andy Coff

Ahh yes, I understand now.


Like it, very Dad's Army... how does the song go?

Peter Charalambos

We had an argument about the tank and now I see that I was correct...otherwise....great


Likewise....can't see a tank

Do tell

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