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Oct 20, 2009



That is a brilliant letter! Why don't we get clients like that?!


Because you're not Andy Warhol, Shib.


I'd love to get correspondence off a client that read like this, rather than let us know how much you want to charge then we'll try and haggle you down. Once we've managed that we'll try and get you to do twice as much work as you've originally agreed to do!


Wish i could get such kinda client


No doubt...I'd love a letter like that. Seems like I get all the effin' cheapsters, too.
Hey, the prices they'd like are from the 1920's-1930's...please, get real..it's 2009 now, plus it's CUSTOM work!

Andy Coff

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. One of the best things I've seen in my life.

Mr Sean

Thanks for putting this up Ben, I'd not seen it before! I have an urge to pin it on my wall.
(After printing it I mean).

Dave Moulton

I liked the tone of the plain straight forward language from Mick. Respectful but not kissing ass


I have a copy of this letter from the 'Andy Warhol Pop Box' - a brilliant book/box full of amazing little bits and bobs

Kevin Blackburn

Fantastic - if only.


Amazing :)

Adam Wilson

haha, wow!


Nice one! So honest and authentic.

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