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Oct 14, 2009



Sorry, this is not a positive response. I don't have any issues with the font but the icon seems desperately incongruous. The placeholder feels more authentic, and has a sense of appropriateness and charm that's lacking in your final figure.

The amount of space he takes up also bothers me. Like I said, I'm sorry. As eloquently described as your masthead/logo is, it doesn't resonate with this reader.


Sorry from this reader too, I have to agree. It looks a bit uncomfortable. Classic simplicity with gimmicky overtones. The font works, character not so much. And the amount of space it takes does seem a tad much.

I very much enjoyed the transparency of the process you took to work out the logo and glad you took the time to do so, just wish it had a different conclusion. Don't mean to offend, just my thoughts.


I think negative responses are to be anticipated, as certain people act upon a (latent) conservative streak. Perhaps there's a desperate sense of preciousness that factors in as print media struggle to stay afloat and Web-based media inexorably subsume them. Print publications have always faced the dilemma of wanting to update their look, to the displeasure of a section of their readership who would like everything to stay the same, always and forever.

I think the logo is quite smart, building a bridge between two encampments that don't necessarily need to stand in opposition to each other.

Paulo Pereira

The new paperboy doesn't bother me. He's an updated version of the "chap" you used before.

I think having a color illustration is jarring to people who don't like the logo. They got used to the original black & white illustration and now the color illustration stands out alot more. Also he is taller vertically with his shadow than the letters N & C in Newspaper Club.

Give it some time. They'll get used to it.


Neil Martin

I'm afraid it's a no for me regarding the new Paperboy. Having not seen the original up until now and being able to compare the two, there is still a nice charm about the original that the new one doesn't have. I think if you are to keep the character, then the typeface needs to change to accomodate him.

As Aaron has already said, "The amount of space he takes up also bothers me". Agreed.

Finally (and this is picky, I know), but the character's thumb is quite clearly pointing down as if in disapproval of the newspaper in his other hand. As if he's delivering bad news.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this is another reader who can't approve this logo.


Super logo! I also think the little guy works really well, especially as an icon.

I personally like the paperboy in colour, though I had not seen the previous b&w logo, which may be why it's not so jarring for me.


I loved Paper boy! - The game that is, I'm afraid I don't like your logo, it jars with the font too much.


disaster. sorry, but it just is.


Why is he giving the thumbs down?


He hates the logo too.

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