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Oct 13, 2009


Womb For Improvement

" why ad agencies have the relationship many design agencies grave." Did you mean crave? Bit of a Freudian blowjob there!


Yes! That Seymour/Powell programme was the best part of my DT GCSE (which was otherwise a mistake). More like that.

(And now I have a weird version of The Automatic in my head: "What's that coming over the hill, is it a TORY?")


I agree with you about Design For Life. I gave it a try, I really did, but Starck is so annoying in real life and the people on that programme don't make me proud of british design. There's better people out there. Probably why they're not on the programme I suppose, they don't need to be.

I also agree with pretty much everything else there. I am an unemployed graduate, therefore I must be average or worse. Eeep.


that last Eton-educated PM was Sir Alec Douglas Home in 1963/4.

So for anyone under the age of 64 it's the first one in our adult lifetimes.
So pretty new.



Botogol, you use a very short term of reference for new.

18 of all the British Prime Ministers, about 65 in number, have come from Eton. Therefore another one is hardly a new phenomenon, especially compared, for arguments sake, to a black Prime Minister.


Yes, it's true, but all the same I bet it's the first Eton-educated PM in the lifetime of all your readers.

Yes, a black prime minister would be really new indeed. But we have had a woman one more recently than an eton one (she a tory)

- the last PM was Fiennes (kind of like scottish eton, no?) he was labour..

- the PM before that was was a grammar school boy who didn't go to university (tory)

But what they ALL have in common is being career politicians. What would be really new is to have someone who had had some kind of career outside politics. I'd welcome that - whatever colour they were, or school they went to.


botogol - this is exactly where I didn't want this conversation to go. I don't care what school the PM went to.

What bothers me is people who say the internet is ushering in a "new dawn" when it isn't. Just a slightly different version of the dawn.


It struck me while watching Design for Life that this must be how proper chefs feel watching Hell's Kitchen.

It's an awful show, but I'm addicted to it. From Ilsa not understanding a conceptual hotel room to Nebil's Tunnel of Mutations, the whole thing is riveting. Although I do wonder if the contestants' faces ache from having to smile at every piece of Starke Zaniness.

As for the internet - it's television for the irony generation. Like television, capable of some wonderful things, but used by most people as a huge waste of time.


you started it! :-)

ilsa parry

Oh I understood the hotel room fine - it was a load of bollocks!


* They should bring the two Dicks back. AGREED
* You work too late. Really. It's no good for you. Stop it. AGREED, I'm trying to!

On the plus side though I am very busy at work and with other work outside of work. Am I successful or simply under charging for my time?

(previous post I know but hey why not)
I'd rather but buy this lego book - http://www.amazon.co.uk/LEGO-Star-Wars-Visual-Dictionary/dp/1405347473/ref=pd_sim_b_1

That is all... for now


Does that mean you didn't win then, Ilsa?

Steve Leard

designing does not lend itself to exciting TV


I think design could work on the TV...

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