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Nov 18, 2009



But I don't have a pair of Diesel jeans and I don't play the guitar - does that mean I'm not really a designer after all?


Ooh, very nicely done on the category finder UI. Can they enter themselves for an award? ;)

Also...hobnobbing with the great Bierut?? You lucky so and so! Enjoy!

Anonymous designer

Ben, with all respect, you say we should enter, but can you give us some reasons why?


You may have wandered into the uncanny valley of sarcasm.

Neil Martin

I'd like to back up "Anonymous Designer"'s request. Why should anyone enter the awards and spend £95 investment?

I think this is also true of the student awards. While the fees are much cheaper, there is still the question of why a student should spend their money entering.

Can you provide some justification?


Can you ask Mr.Bierut to do a design programme over here which is actually good? He'd be great.


That photo makes it look like you've got earrings on.

Adam Wilson

Wow, David Carson this year!

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