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Nov 01, 2009


Kevin Mears

Might be a photocopy transfer. I remember something like that from college



"Might be a photocopy transfer. I remember something like that from college" -Kevin

I did something like this in a printmaking course. It does look very similar too. As I remember we took a photocopy of something covered it in some kind of oil and did a one-off print onto a canvas of some sort.

Got a new app for our phone did we Ben?

Adam Wilson

haha, phone or not it looks ok. I know what you mean though, you'll just never know.

Emily Wilkinson

Looks like someone's painted the developer straight onto the wall...also looks a little like a polaroid transfer image. Was it indoors or outdoors? Nice!


Ii really like them. who is the artist? or was it graffiti?


I seem to remember at college doing this using a photocopy and soaking it with lighter fluid...


It was probably done with (paint) thinner. Works really well, especially with newspapers or b/w photos.

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