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Nov 19, 2009



Love it - a great example of how a simple and well thought out icon works, as it should, in ALL applications. Too many times I've seen or been sent logos that just don't cut it in one particular form or another and I end up wondering why the creator/designer didn't think of that ;)

Anyway, one for my design scrapbook of logo loves!


me likey. the acid test has to be (for me) how well the icon works on the iphone menu.

and i love the made-upness and changing principles behind the game.

so i'm off to buy the app then...


This is fucking brilliant, well done.


Oh yeah. Really, really, really good, this one. Well done Ben. FANTASTIC.


very nice

Neil Martin

Most definitely on the ball with this. Nice work.

Evan Cordes

Where do I click for stickers?


Are you doing pens ? With this logo on ? Pens ? I'd love a pen if there's one going.


If I pop an SAE in the post could you send me a tie ? It would look really good on a tie. I have a 28 inch neck, blue - thanks.

Tom Taylor

Where's the commemorative china?


He's not listening.

He's in 'New York'.

No time for pens or ties or mugs.

Like us.

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