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Nov 17, 2009



Have you spent the day going round the circle line hoping someone will ask for an autograph?


When are you running for Prime Minister? Please keep me informed.


You're adopting the same stance as the woman in the very unflattering dress in the picture above.


I think you'll find she's adopting the same stance as me. I've had that stance for a while.


I know. It's your trademark stance. Ask her if she's trying to be as cool as you


Thanks god you posted this. I couldn't get hold of a copy after hearing you were in it for love nor money. Huzzah and congrats. You'll be in heat magazine next.....


Haha, I was just arriving in Richmond (where I work) when I was about to close the paper, then saw this, and brought it with me to work! If I'd seen you I probably would've asked you to sign it, just for the fun of it.

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