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Dec 15, 2009



Apology accepted.


\m/ WOOOOOOO!! \m/

*Throwing the horns for the RIG logo* ;)

Emily Wilkinson

I like how the illustrative nature of the Olympics icons makes the branding so much more flexible.

Hmmm, illustration to support and expand identity; there's a thought.

Hope you're well,


Michal Migurski

I am burning with hot, green envy for that RIG logo. I've been thinking about Szpajdel's design work since seeing the Vice Magazine article over a year ago (I think), and I can only take solace in the fact the you guys didn't get any gnarled branches, inverted crosses, pentagrams, spider webs, or goats. JUST WAIT til Stamen asks for one with all the trimmings!


Not for nothing but RIG reads like RIB sorry maybe another choice of the letter G or taking off the left sided extension to be more readable...sorry!

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