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Feb 07, 2010



Unfortuntaely, yes, you are the worst kind of football fan. I go to the games, freeze my bollocks off and have a low quality pie at half time. Can't beat it!


Steady on, chap - Accrington aren't a bad watch at the moment!


A true digital warrior. I heard that in the U.S. AT&T has enabled Skype to work on their 3G network is this the same with your carrier?


This is why Panasonic (I think) is starting to add small cameras and Skype capabilities to their TVs. But yeah, good point.

Frankie Roberto

The other interesting thing about that photo is that, from the perspective of the camera (and presumably your eyes), the size of the three screens is remarkably similar - and your iPhone is probably actually the biggest.

So maybe there's not that much difference between small screens and big screens after all?


Frankie - I have always thought this. I never understood why people worry about screen size. Surely it's all the same when you're looking at it?

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