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Mar 19, 2010



A half-arsed attempt to "re-create" the logo. With what? Univers Condensed. That used to be a corporate font, maybe it still is. But that's no logo.

Matthew Pennell

Well it's been like that for at least 3 years, because I took exactly the same photo on my first visit to Austin in 2007. Do they operate on a franchise? Maybe it's a local office manager playing 'creative'.

Rajesh Pancholi

Wrong.... just wrong unless somebody explains the thought and process for this direction and why it's been taken

Joshua Van Vleet

I'd imagine it was done by a sign maker who had no idea there was even an arrow there and a manager who didn't care.

Let's hope it's not an official sign!


Hate to admit it, but I worked there (for a long time) as a "graphic designer" and I can say that it's not a franchise and they DO have corporate standards, of which this use is not approved.

Cranky Pressman

I do believe the colors are a bit odd as well. There are some brands which probably should have more flexible guidelines. This is not one of them.

Henry Percevault

Ewwww make it go away! And destroy whoever did that!


There are no arrows left in Texas.


I saw the picture before reading the title and thought 'where is the arrow?' I almost hate this logo because of the arrow. Maybe they should stay away from the arch version if people love the arrow so much!

Ben Dover

I contacted that FedEx Office and asked them. They said that they didn't want to replace the little roof just so they can straighten the sign--it costs too much.

comments system

Cool, I never knew that there is a hidden arrow, I ran straight to Google to check. This new logo or some kind of local version?

id scanner

I never saw the arrow and still not able to see..Can ypu please help me in finding the arrow ?? Where would I will find it ?? I am curious to see it.

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