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Mar 04, 2010


Martin - TheUniversityBlog

Maybe it's just the photo, I don't know, but I want to try out the One Notebook Per Project idea right NOW. It looks so right.

Why haven't I done this before? Thanks for the inspiration.


Obvious and brilliant. I'm having some of that, clever so and so


Congrats on the redesign. Looks lovely. One of the few blog redesigns, lately, that retained white space and increased image size. Nice!


Such a good idea, I'm in constant note/sketch book confusion. Where do you write the overlap ideas though, in a general one?


Empathi - I'm trying not to have a general one.


I feel ridiculous for having never considered this approach. I'm (like other commenters) always debating how to allocate space in my notebooks to keep things tidy.

Term Papers

I gotta hand it to whoever wrote this, you've really kept me updated! Now, let's just hope that I can come across another blog just as interesting :)

Dawn Kelly

I totally started the same deal last month with the same notebooks!

Working fraking brilliantly for me as well.

Here's to great minds and all that malarky...


I thought that if the moleskine color-a-month was not monthly and instead, just blank books, it'd be a great base for something like this.

Do you carry anything with you when you're not at the desk? To capture other ideas? Or do you bring the project notebook?


Hi Rebecca, they are just normal Moleskine notebooks. Not monthlies.


Ben, is that not a massive waste of paper? Surely some projects will only ever run to a few pages, where some might run to a book and a half? Not that I don't love white space. What happens to the empty pages?

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