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Apr 10, 2010



The wind is turning.


Best infographic I've seen yet. So informative too! :p

Account Deleted

This is good stuff.


Haha, I love this. 'estimate that looks definite when big' - so true. I'm expecting a lot of crap infographics to pop up before the election... politics love infographics.


Great image Phil.
Spot on.

It's a point we try to impress on our graphic design students at the school of creative arts in Bristol.
They've just completed a project called complex simplicity that asked them to address an issue of importance using infographics. We got some great results that I'd be happy to share with you if of interest.

As a shameless bit of self promotion I attempt to use a form of infographics along with simple illustration to help me deal with the daily challenges encountered as a parent of two highly strung, over-excited ankle biters.

Have a look:

Scott Nelson

Wow--thank you for saying/showing my feelings exactly! Wonderful :)

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