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May 19, 2010



Hilarious. It's almost like I'm there.


I like Tufte's work, I really do. I've almost book his books. I read them and I think, brilliant, this'll really help, and it does, to a point. It's the complete opposite of the vapid data visualisations out there - meaningful, tangible, understandable, but, and this is what I struggle with, pretty dull. There's something missing, call it flair or whatever, but I'm not 100% convinced. I wish his work looked more like the typographic mockups on the H&FJ website.


i was a little disappointed by the talk. No focus at all – just a few of the greatest hits in no particular order. I was expecting The Best Presentation Ever, but it turns out he's better at theory than practice. (And this also goes for his website, which is just horrible to use. He seemed to justify it as "Well the New York Times has 400 links on their homepage, so why can't I?".)

And he reminded me a bit of that Fast Show character: "mumble mumble … Napoleon … mumble … sparklines! … mumble mumble … very very drunk".

J. Nathan Matias

what would you have asked him?

(note: I asked the last question)

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