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Jun 22, 2010


Rachel Lewis


Aside from that, I see you've got Cheerios in the box behind (those little characters... ah) which is the best choice ever. Cheerios > All other cereals.

Sorry Kelloggs.

George Morgan

Tautological branding by Kellogs there. Colgate do (or at least used to) a similar thing on their toothpaste tubes.

Seems a bit of an anachronism to another time, when it apparently seemed common to suspect “brand leaders” of producing goods for budget brands?

Rob Mortimer

I'll let our creatives know how much you like it when they get back from Cannes :)


They've always been pretty good at keeping their brand strong. Falls into the same category of 'using dead founder's suspiciously ornate signature' as Disney.

Going off on a bit of a tangent, but responding to George's comment – don't you think Argos' new branding would've suited Colgate a lot better?

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