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Jun 01, 2010


Phil Gyford

I can see that Stack "exposes me to things I would never look at any other way" but they're still magazines you could probably find in any decent bookshop or newsagent. The selection looks relentlessly stylish.

It would be great if Stack (or a similar service) found magazines that you'd never find in high street shops. Really niche magazines, journals from industries you know nothing about, newsletters you've never seen or even heard of. That would be much more eye-opening and horizon-expanding.


Phil you are correct and I would like that too. The odd 'Mug Makers Monthly' would be a great addition.


Phil - unfortunately the 'decent newsagent' is a rare thing outside of the big cities. Here in York we have WHSmith. Nothing else. And they're a LONG way from any magazine-lover's definition of 'decent'.

The void left by Borders – who weren't perfect, but at least put some effort into their array of mags – has made services like Stack indispensable. Long may they deliver.


I misread the title as "In praise of Starck, again". That would have been interesting.


Britannia Music Club used to do this with cd's (they may still do?). Send you a cd every month and you could decide to keep it and pay for it or send it back.

Liking this VNE mag though, nice graff and nice booty shots!


Welcome back David.


I had to go and check up on Marcus. It transpires that he's turned into 14 different people http://anguswhines.typepad.com/angus_whines/2010/06/characters.html .


By the way, is that carpet by Starck?

Mike Reed

What a good idea. Reminds me of this Stephen Fry video I saw recently. He talks about the importance of not staying in one place, intellectually or culturally, and suggests an idea that I've pondered myself: a service like Netflix or Amazon that doesn't send you 'more like this' but the exact opposite of the kind you usually like, to shake you out of your rut and open up new ideas.

The relevant bit of video goes from 8:20 to about 9:30, but watch it all, it;'s great: http://vimeo.com/11414505

Good to see you last night by the way


you might want to try the rough trade album club...

i won't explain it here, take a look for yourself... you won't be disappointed



Hello Ben, thanks for all this praise - very much appreciated!

Mike's comment about the Stephen Fry video is on the money, because I first came up with the idea for Stack after reading one of Russell's blog posts about how to be interesting. I think he spoke about magazines as constellations of interests and ideas, which got me thinking about the magazines I loved but which nobody else seemed to know about.

Glad to see that other people are enjoying them too - look out for another Newspaper Club appearance in the July delivery...


Airside used to do the t-shirt club. I miss that. 1 t-shirt a month for six months. no idea of the artist. Guess I'm a bit old for graffiti t-shirt now.


It's a bit 14tracksy, in a funny way.

Although, cough, what this month seems to be exposing you to is GIRLS ARSES IN SPRAYED-ON TROUSERS. Oh style mags, how you change.... /wink

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