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Jul 15, 2010


Richard Holt

NASA has used Helvetica on many of its spacecraft, so its probably possible to work out how many Helveticas HAVE gone to the moon.

Interestingly though, the typeface mankind chose to leave on the moon was Futura:



I found Richard's comment more interesting than the actual post. Well done, Richard Holt!

J PTak

This really does give a taste for how close the Moon actually is--if everyone on Earth owned a Helvetica unit only one in three would have to give their's up. Thanks for this.


Richard, that is brilliant.

Matt Edgar

So the race is still wide open for the first serif to reach the Moon?


Have you been taking drugs?


“Interestingly though, the typeface mankind chose to leave on the moon was Futura”

A poorly typeset Futura on top of it. Just have a look at “Peace”. I hope the moon people won’t notice. Oh, the shame.

David Rice

Helv etica?
That lovely gap between the [v] and the [e]... Yes, the one you could drive... steer... pilot... whatever... a very large spaceship through, say the Star Dreadnought Executor... is not attractive at all. And so large... I'm certain the moon people wouldn't be able to miss it.

Unkerned Helvetica indeed!


This made me smile. I now have a mental image of a bunch of little Heleveticas stacking themselves on top of each other trying to reach the moon.

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