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Jul 01, 2010



Were you wearing your Rapha top and why is it closing at end July?


Yes and because they have been open during the "Euros" and The Tour.

Matt Carey

It is lovely. I have a client around the corner who I visit regularly and I wish they were staying open full-time.

Good coffee too!


I can HIGHLY recommend the raspberry and white chocolate muffins - thank goodness they're not there forever as I've been eating them daily!

..the coffee is delicious too - easily the best in clerkenwell!


I had a meeting the other week here, and what a venue to do so. Choc full with considered paraphernalia and design.

Glad you popped along, it's a crime not to being in design. LOVE the place.

Judy Frary

Wow! That place looks amazing. Hopefully will be able to see it before it closes. Thanks for pointing it out!

Taylor Coil

The figurines are my favorite. My Tour de France addict friends have similar ones on the dashes of their cars :)


Yay, that's me! Skiving off work one afternoon.
btw what're the "Euros"?


I have no idea what the "Euros" are. That's just what they said. Odd.

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