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Nov 08, 2010



love it. also interesting to see how the 'culture' of signing in/registering has become so ingrained for those who use the interwebs, that we're getting to a stage where username and password are now inseparable. we don't need to explain what the hell a 'username' is anymore. or even delineate a password. we're now ready for them to finally get married - altogether and part of common parlance. excellent news.


Cute, but... why use space when we already have tab? This breaks both expectations and muscle memory. And what happens when we have javascript disabled?


This is going to make it very finicky when you mistype one of them; you can't just select all and hit Delete, or even hold the Backspace key indefinitely.

It's a small bit of a hassle for the developer to make it degrade gracefully without Javascript.

In many cases it's lame to disallow spaces in usernames, though presumably that decision doesn't hinge upon this one.

But worst of all, it defies user expectation, making them stop, think, read a text blurb, and think some more before entering their credentials. "Don't make me think" and all that.

Interesting idea, but ultimately the costs outweigh the benefits, I think.


I don't see how this a good idea, breaking every convention that has ever been with login boxes and also presumably harming accessibility.


Many people rely on autofill services for their passwords, which may not recognize this format. So then you might end up with users who are more frustrated because they have to type in their information each time.

Chris McMahon

This seems more like a solution to improve design at the expensive of usability.

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