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Jan 24, 2011



Nice selection Ben.

A slightly off topic thought: The use of Apple products in ads and portfolios.

I find it a bit annoying, disproportionally representative perhaps? I mean skype is every bit as functional on a grey ThinkPad circa 2005, right?

It's annoyed me since BA did this a few years back. I love Apple products, but I can't help but be distracted by the big fruity logo. For me, the Verzion Media store, shown on the 80/20 site, displayed on a 'generic' machine stands out. But I find myself ogling over the iMac, rather than looking at the work they've done on the online Vodafone shop.

It's a bit like those ads for Carports in the back of the Observer magazine, ever noticed there's always a brand new Merc underneath the crummy poly-alu construction?

What d'ya think?


Sorry, this: http://bit.ly/dOCWK3

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