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Jan 04, 2011


Mr Blog

Mr Vacuum Cleaner might know:

He owns a vacuum cleaner museum in Nottingham and can identify any make of vacuum cleaner while blindfolded.




I have made contact with Mr Hoover.


"The name and the face were both Duncan's ideas, put there (in his charming account) because the lonely cleaning armies of the early morning and late night liked to use an object they could address as a friend."

I'm not sure if I find this charming or sad.

I've always seen Henry's face as balancing on a fine line between chirpy and slightly sinister. He looks like he's plotting something. Or like, every now and then, as he's following you around the house, he shits on the carpet.


Hoover Ben?

As Alan Partridge might say... β€œIt’s like people when they say Hoover when they mean vacuum cleaner. Hoover is a brand name.”


Willie, you're like my mate who always says he's doing the dysoning.


The Henry family seems to have grown – now there's Harry, Hetty, James, Charles, George. My favourite is obviously the Henry Spray Mop. Is there any point in trying to squeeze a face on a mop?


Daniel Higham

I've just been told that it was a designer called Ron McAdam who is a friend of the family (and sadly died the week before last) and it was mentioned in his funeral. He worked in Wimbledon for a lot of his life and is pretty much the sole reason I'm now a designer in this crazy industry. RIP


That's very sad news Daniel. But thanks for posting this.

Leah Stewart

My great uncle designed it&sold his idea to a company

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