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Mar 28, 2011



I really just cannot warm to that logo. It maddens me when they use this, I think it's the Paralympic logo, next to it:


Apart from a colour change, there are no distinct differences between the two, I'm continually confused as it what it's for or what its relevance is in context of whatever it's been shown on.

Despite the fact I know what the logo says, I still get confused when I look at it. I suppose that's partially down to the joys of dyslexia, but I do find my oddly wired brain a good way to judge clarity in design.

I had a few friends in the protest who have generally been involved in recent political actions, they referenced a good quote: 'Riot Is the Voice of the Unheard'.

I get that - when 1 million people peacefully walked the streets over Iraq, and were ignored what chance do the peaceful protesters of recent have to be heard?

I very much disagree with violence (as in, towards a human being) but rioting and vandalism with a political drive - I'm ok with that.


Anything 'installed' that needs a load of barriers around it...fail! It immediately detracts from the item and its surroundings, so what is the point of 'installing' it? You're right, it doesn't quite fit where it's situated, and the paint actually looks part of it in a crazy way.

My favourite comment: "And the typography. Jesus Christ the typography." - LOL! Well said. It's got a forced style of energy that just doesn't gel with the logo. Still, it could be worse. Personally I don't like the logo, on it's own I don't think it works and it's like a sad 80s throwback - but I was hoping the promised executions of it would all bring it to life and give it the energy it implies. Some do. This one definitely doesn't :(


Gotta be honest, I kind of like the paint splatters too. And well, you can still read the digits on the clock for the most part, so no harm done, right?


- "Guys, the tagline typography is awful..."

- "Don't worry, there's Futura underneath, so everything's gonna be alright"

Woodstock69 Dollie

" jesus christ the typography " love it !

i agree to me its a total mess !
i also do not agree with vandalism towards design , but terrible design ,oi ! weres the paint ? lol :)


Have to agree Ben, I think the paint splats seem absolutely bang on, what amazingly brand aware vandals. To be honest I'm really starting to like the logo, at least it has balls, I saw it next to the BMW logo the other day and while BMW probably hated the association, I thought it actually enlivened their brand. Completely agree about the type though, it makes me want to weep, some of the new adverts on the tube are really nice, well composed, lively and balanced, but then that type is smeared across the middle like a collection of sickly turds.

James Darling

The clock ended up being what triggered the nastiness that night. Some guy tried to put a sticker on it, which he got arrested for, which he fought against and then suddenly I found myself thrown 6 feet to my left by one of the roughly 100 police approaching. I left as the rest of the night turned nasty.

Not much about the design, but that's my relationship to it.

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