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May 03, 2011



I like what the Times have done, but they needed to work out the wrap size a bit better as their header is sitting on the fold rather poorly (I used to work in creative support for a large regional newspaper, was a fascinating way to start my career and learn headfirst about print!)

They should have cropped the front image a bit better, move the couple right a little to give it more impact on the front as opposed to making a good image when opened up but a weak one when folded (which is the way people would initially see the paper, so should've been primary thought). But it's a good photo, they both look genuinely happy and more relaxed.

Nice to see they thought differently though - though thinking differently didn't help Emin or the Independent. Not a fab illustration, in my opinion and doesn't reflect any emotion or feeling of the day. (Perhaps what they were actually trying to do, LOL)

Amusingly, the papers all cropped out the miserable little bridesmaid shot - Grace van Cutsem stood on the balcony with a scowl and her hands over her ears while the couple kissed! Haha. Bless her though, must have been quite a loud and frightening day at that age but made an amusing photo...


Minxlj look closer, you'll notice the Guardian left the scowling girl in.

federal court cases

I should had my collectible or memorabilia.

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