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Jun 02, 2011


Craig Smith

My wife has a birthday at the end of the month, and at first glance this seemed a great idea for a present for her. However, it needs her permission to access her information, and with that it reserves the right to post to her Facebook page etc. Her permission is not mine to give away, and I don't want things posted to her homepage as it will give the birthday secret away.
I don't know how they would solve that problem, but it seems a missed opportunity. Presents are still best served by the well-presented artifact, rather than by the less tangible digital knick-knack, (a physical book versuses a kindle download, for example).


If the algorithm had somehow managed to produce a more accurate representation of you, I wonder if you would have been less pleased by it. Does the "amateurisahness" make it more acceptable?


Where's my page?


Nice to see the design has been totally lifted (albeit in a poor way) from Nicholas Feltron.

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