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Sep 28, 2011



Oh. Phew.

Henry Hadlow

I only ever read blogs through RSS, which is great for reading, but what about the comments?! It would be great if RSS could handle the comments, and let you comment back. And then you'd know that yes, people are reading (at least one person!)

Andrew Kingham

Blogging as communication? Blogging as self expression? Sounds great. There was too much blogging clogging anyway.


Well, this is awkward...


Do you think people stopped reading because you stopped blogging? You only post a fraction of what you used to. Over time, people just drift away...


Danny Boyle isn't reading, that's for sure.

Account Deleted

i read them. i just don´t visit them too often.


I'm just looking at the pictures...


That is the wonder of Twitter
We get all the good bits from the comfort of our Twitter Feed
Why go blogging at all
When the bloggers come to you
its like a very comfortable armchair with a great big remote control


I still read blogs! But I agree, I don't read them with the same scrutiny. And I definitely don't write with the same frequency that I used to. There was a time where I was posting 25-28 times per month. These days, I'll share half of that stuff on Twitter.


I think Blogging as a place where Early Adopters can interact with other Early Adopters has come to an end. The Early Adopters have moved on to Twitter and as Twitter has now become mainstream they will probably (almost certainly) move on somewhere else. Communications technology, although dressed up in the accoutrements of science, should really be seen as part of the fashion world (and blogging is like an exquisite 2003 design by Chanel - of interest to the fashion cogniscenti, also still maybe worn by those who havn't got a clue about fashion, but totally ignored by the chattering claque that demands NEW all the time).


blahblah church blahblah Danny Boyle blah roof blah.

Hold on...


Danyy Boyle. On a roof? What? Whatwhat? How? Why? Write more words, damn you!


'I'm going blog like no-one is reading.' Was this mistake made to check that we were paying attention. Otherwise it certainly seems like you're already doing what it says mate.

Brett Macfarlane

Now that's proper blogging. Well done.


Great post, but I didn't read it.

Account Deleted

Haven't read a word. But great pictures, though! ;)

Meghan Gough

I really appreciate a well-written, opinionated blog. Which is why I was drawn to your blog in the first place back in 2005 or whenever it was. Yours is/was refreshing. Design blogs are all the same now – photos with comments. May as well just forgo the blog and use tumblr. I like those too. But I crave real substance. So I disagree. Write more!


6000 a day? Only?
The paperback bestseller list contains titles that sell a fraction of that a week. Maybe no one is reading book either?

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