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Nov 21, 2011



Type 'logo' in Designspiration... bingo. First page has several

Mark Lane

I love this device. What is it called? I usually call it the X or cross, but I'm sure there's an official name for it. I always associate it with monograms, I think the first time I saw one it was used as part of it. I would love to see some really early examples of it, because I've seen it used on some pretty old stuff. I think it's a strong versatile symbol.


Is it a bug or a feature that your example dusrupts the word order? Depending how you see it, more or less like Yoda it reads.


Made me think of this; http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontblog/59814633/


Ooh, thanks AaB, lovely.


Matt, that's sort of an accident and sort of clever...


You're right, they are everywhere, just in the last couple of days I've happened on:


I saw a lot of these post Katrina when they used something like this spray painted on doors to indicate people found dead, alive, etc. According to this site they called them X-Codes: http://www.southernspaces.org/2010/katrina-5-x-code-exhibition


Yeah, I'd say there are a few of them around... http://yourlogoisnothardcore.tumblr.com/

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